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As per the now trending and viral video John Oliver made you can leave a comment to the fcc about supporting net neutrality.  Here are the steps to take.

  • go to  Which will directly take you to the correct fcc page
  • click express next to "17-108 restoring internet freedom"
  • Fill out the form with your information
  • *leave a comment stating that you support strong net neutrality backed by title 2 oversight of ISPs. This is important that you specifically tell them this. Do not give them a reason to skew your words.
  • Then click submit, then next then confirm (if i remember correctly. The buttons may be labeled differently but you must get to a page giving you a confirmation number.

I was prompted to write an email to the chairman of the FCC after reading this article. I am a huge supporter of net neutrality. The internet has allowed me to create this website and share it with you who visit the site. If you are in a country that is blessed with the safety of net neutrality such as Canada then i commend you. In the country where i reside we are in a political battle for net neutrality.

If you don't know what net neutrality is it is a concept (as of right now) that says the telecommunication companies need to provide the full internet in a unbiased way. In the United States the head (Ajit Varadaraj Pai) of the agency that has power to control this (FCC) just said that he will make it his goal to get rid of net neutrality and essentially give all the power to the internet companies. This would be a huge win for the few internet companies but a huge loss for the people and every other company that uses the internet in any way.

I believe the internet has not only provided huge economical growth for countries and companies in the past decade but has given rise to all the amazing technologies from companies  such as Google, Apple, Lyft, Amazon and many others. These companies have changed my life for the better thru their life changing innovations using the internet. The telecommunication companies on the other hand have provided extremely expensive service, little innovation, poor customer service, and at some points hindered other companies use of the internet. I remember when Netflix had a problem with the internet companies because these companies were intentionally throttling the speed of service coming from This caused peoples Netflix to stream at low qualities and buffer and in the short term (before anyone knew it was the internet companies) shined a unflattering light on Netflix.  The internet company came back with a counter argument stating that Netflix was causing congestion in there lines due to the amount of traffic. This was proven to be untrue and an example that the telecommunication companies should not hold the power to manipulate the internet.

This is an old graph showing how Comcast intentionally slowed speeds of Netflix for their customers.  This was probably to deter people from using Netflix and cause people to watch more TV. A common ploy so Comcast can make more money for their TV service. 

One argument in favor of net neutrality that is brought up time again is the internet company without net neutrality would be able to regulate the speed of certain sites or even charge you more to even use those sites, but is this a fair example or just an extreme example used to push people in favor for neutrality? Well my argument is when you buy a TV package are you given every single channel available to you? No. You are given some basic channels and then forced to purchase strategically compiled packages for other channels. When you buy internet service do you get all the internet? Yes. You are not forced to pay for packages like the social media package for facebook or the video streaming package for youtube or Netflix. It seems the telecommunication companies have shown that they are ready to package the internet or control it for their benefit. Without net neutrality there would be nothing stopping the internet companies from actively doing this.

The biggest argument i have heard for the abolishing of net neutrality is some people believe regulations (in general) restrict innovation and that the people with there money should control markets.  To that i say the reason we are able to gain financial success to spend money is thru the economical health of the country we live in. There are many companies that have flourished on the internet because of no restrictions to the internet service. A lot of these companies have bettered our lives and created jobs. There should be one regulation and that is the internet is unbiased to data and no other entity can change that. When a telecommunication company offers you internet service they should give you the full service no matter what site you go to. I should be able to start a buissness or create an app to gain finaicial success. This is net neutrality.

If you want to know more about how the government is changing the way we interact with the internet in the United States here are another articles to consider.

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Want to make a change but don't know how? Here is how you can start.

  • You can leave a comment on the FCC website using one of the links. This is the most beneficial action you can take.

  • share this page by the verge with friends or the video by John Oliver shown above

  • if your up to it you can email the chairmen directly using this email

  • If your really up to it you can email, mail or call your local government offical.
  • or share this page with friends.

If you would like to fight for this then you can email the chairmen of the FCC at , educate people about net nutrallity and why it is importnat, or stay informed about the change in policies. Here is my email to the chairmen...

Dear Chairman Pai,

            As the chairmen of the FCC it is your duty to direct the future of communications technologies. As a spawn of a congressional statue it should be the FCC responsibility to uphold the wishes of the people who represent your creation. I write to you to address the reasons why Net neutrality will aid the growth of the American economy.

            The internet has been a perfect entity for economical revolution in the past decade by companies who have utilized its openness and nonpartisan nature. Companies such as Netflix, Apple, Amazon, Uber, Tesla, and Google to name a few have benefited greatly and have innovated thru unrestricted internet. These are names that ring across the globe for innovation in the internet space and have all utilized the internet to great extent. Apple is one of the largest American companies and has done so with the success of its hardware and its over the internet commerce to sell music, movies, podcasts, apps and more. Apple revenues greatly out way any of the American telecommunication companies. We have seen in the past that the internet companies will throttle content from other companies (Netflix) so that they can push their own agenda. This type of behavior hurts companies who will like to grow using the internet such as Uber, Google, Amazon, and Netflix have done.

            I understand that our President Trump would like to strip away regulations and policies that have hindered the growth of certain industries. But by stripping away net neutrality you in turn allow the telecommunication companies to create their own innovation stricken policies at whim. There should be only one policy that prevents all other policies from forming and that is the internet is open and unbiased to all data and no other company or entity can regulate or change that. Telecommunication companies need to provide a platform that other companies can grow on without restrictions and the influence of others. This is what net neutrality is and this is what the people want. Thank you for reading this.