Fiskars X7 Hatchet overview

Fiskars X7 Hatchet overview


Periodically there is a tool in your arsenal that as soon as you lose it you go out and buy another. An indispensable tool that you have either have made it a critical part of your setup or have fallen in love with. The Fiskar X7 14in hatchet for me is that tool.

The Fiskar X7 is not your ordinary hatchet. The value of this hatchet comes from its incredibly light weight. This hatchet has been engineered with a hollow fiberglass 14 in handle bringing the weight of the hatchet to a measly 1.4 lb (635 g).

While holding the hatchet you may question whether it will hold up over time but my (relatively short) use of the X7 has proven to be much more durable then it seems. What i have researched and read on Amazon is the hatchet is quite durable receiving almost 5 stars from almost 2000 reviewers.

The blade on the X7 was sharp out of the box and holds up well to wear. The blade is coated with a low-friction coating which I found to cut through timber very easily. The edge stayed sharp for a very long time and did not find the need to sharpen the hatchet but every so often did to keep it at its prime. Fiskars sells its own axe sharpener.

The Fiskars X7 comes with with a plastic sheath that locks the blade into place and contains a handle for easy carrying. The sheath or really just a plastic blade cover is somewhat large but can easily be switched for a leather sheath.

It is flabbergasting how incredibly light this hatchet is. If you are someone in the market for a new hatchet or is deciding on switching your fordable saw for a hatchet (previously a heinous idea) then the inexpensive Fiskar X7 is worth picking up.

Fiskars also sells other items that may interest you such as:

X5 camping Axe

X27 Splitting Axe (36-in)

X15 Chopping Axe (23.5-in)

All these items sport their fiber glass handles which make the tools incredibly light and bring all the mass to the blade for the most torque in your swing. This will help reduce fatigue greatly. 

If its a multi day hike, going out for a long camping trip, or maybe that four day weekend is forcing you to head to the cabin in the woods the Fiskar X7 is a tool you should seriously consider the Fiskars X7.

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