Travel Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Travel Holiday Gift Guide 2017

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The gift giving season is descending upon us and the awkward conversations of asking what people want is on the horizon. Whether it is friends, family, or coworkers gift ideas run short. This is where the BE IN gift giving list 2017 comes in. This first annual gift giving list will try to help you understand that special someone and provide you with gift ideas that you can bestow onto their person.

When it comes to traveling you want to either be prepared or fill in those long boring wait time frames. If you need a gift idea that will change how someone feels about traveling then we have you covered. There are so many types of travelers that one product that a globetrotter may find invaluable will be completely useless for that effective backpacker. We will break this list into categories to help you understand that special gift receiver.

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The Frequent Flyer

If its for work or pleasure this person travels often. They might be traveling multiple times a year on long flights or frequently around the country. These people know the boredom of long red eyes and layovers. 


$13.99 $29.99

Anker 2-port USB Adapter

The biggest problem one may have with power adapters is you can charge your phone but then how about your tablet or laptop? Or you see an outlet filled with two power adapters charging someones two separate devices.  Planes usually only have one outlet per seat so a power adapter with two or more usb port comes in handy. The best part of the anker 2-port adapter is it outputs 2.4 amps per usb port  which means your devices will be charged in less time.

Nalgene Ultralite Wide Mouth Bottle

If you have read our water bottle article you would know how useful a bottle can be while traveling especially in an airport. The Nalgene ultralite bottle is one of my personal favorites.  It is half the weight of a traditional Nalgene but just as durable. The wide mouth makes it versatile and easy to drink from. I always have one on me.


Nintendo Switch

If anything is going to get one thru a 12 hour flight its going to be a Nintendo Switch. This is a portable and home gaming console in one. This is a blast to play by yourself or with friends. It can be used in portable mode on the go and when you get back home you can place it into its dock and play on your home theater system. With two of the most critically acclaimed games in years Mario Odyssey and Zelda: Breath of the Wild  (or even any of the 100 released games) this system will provide hundreds of hours of entertainment.

Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT Headphones

I reviewed these headphones when they came out but after traveling and using them over an even longer period of time they have held up nicely. Good sound quality and extremely comfortable these headphones are great to knock out the unwanted sound of an airplane or crying child. If you need more noise canceling power you can opt in for the more expensive HD 4.50. Now that we are close to the holiday season you can snag these at a discounted price. I recommend them if you enjoy over the ear headphones.


The Tourist

This person travels to experience the unique cultures planet Earth has to offer. Their next destination, the country they have yet to check off their list.


Bobble Presse

If your a coffee connoisseur like me you need to drink a palatable cup of coffee everyday even when traveling but your not going to bring your full coffee setup with you... or are you? This gift is a 2 for 1 deal as you get a great french press and a double insulated coffee mug in one small compact design. The cup has a built in press that can be used to make your coffee and then nests in the cup so you dont need to worry about the mess. The cup has a great double insulated design that keeps your coffee hot for a very long time. If coffee is not your thing then you can use this for tea.

Amazon Fire TV (or Chromecast)

I do not know about you but i have abandoned the abhorrent monster that is TV and have gone completely digital. No commercials for me! Sometimes when you get back to your hotel you just want to lay on the bed and watch some Netflix but do not feel like holding your tablet or using your tiny phone. That is where the Fire TV Stick comes into play. You can plug it into your hotel TV, then connect it to a wifi, and play all your Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, HBO, Plex, or whatever else you subscribe to until your eyes fall shut. The device is small enough that it wont take up any space.

$25.99 $49.99
$16.95 $27.95

Anker External Battery Pack 10,000 mAH

I have found the Anker brand to be a reliable brand for my electronic accessories. So when my phone is on red after taking the 167th picture of the Eiffel Tower half way through the day I look at them for aid. Luckily Anker has battery packs of all different sizes and shapes. I found the 10,000 mAH battery to be the best size and weight for traveling. This battery will have no problem of quickly charging your phone multiple times while only encompassing the area of a credit card. Of course if you need more juice Anker has larger battery

Repel Windproof Travel Umbrella

Its almost to simple to have been thought up alone. How many times have your plans gone to ruin after it started raining during a vacation? Your waiting on line to enter Notre Dame and the water based ceiling in the sky comes crashing down on you. Notre Dame wont shut down but your desire to visit it will. A small light umbrella can come in handy to protect you from rain, sun, or snow. This umbrella from Repel will do all of that with a strong deign, automatic open/close feature, and a life time replacement guarantee.

The Adventurer

That person who just says fuck it and drives half way across the country because 'life is to short'. The person who goes to peru to drink ayahuasca or climbs mount Everest just for the experience. 


Sport Berkey Filtered Water Bottle

There are alot of underdeveloped countries (and even in some first world countries) that have risky water. With the Sport Berkey Filtered Water Bottle throw all those worries behind. This bottle will filter 99.99999% of all bacteria using a fiber membrane filter! I wasn't stuttering. The bottle also filters unpleasant taste and odors, cloudiness, silt, sediment and chlorine like many other carbon purifiers. With this bottle you should be able to go to any river and scope up the water and drink it without any worry (but please do not do that).

Adidas Galaxy Trail Runners

The trail runner is one of the most versatile travel shoes you can have. It is comfortable enough to run in and durable enough to hike. These shoes come in different colors some of which are very stylish and do not look like the typical technical hiking/running footwear. In these trail runners you will be climbing over boulders or going on a date along the river. Either way you will be comfortable and stylish. Remember to always break in your footwear before an extraneous adventure. 

$39.99 $99.99
$18.99 $29.99

ECEEN 13W Fordable Dual USB Solar Charger

I can tell you there wont be any outlets in your hut in Peru when going for an ayahuasca trip or in your tent along mount Chimborazo. In these cases you will need an alternate method to charge your GPS, Camera, or smart phone. This is when a small, light, and fordable solar charger from ECEEN comes in handy. This charger has the capability to charge your phone and even your tablet in cloudy skyes. Never run out of juice when your stealth camping in Costa Rica.

Packable wind and water resistant jacket by Baleaf

Keeping dry is essential to keeping warm. If your like me you want to pack light and a trick to doing so is packing things with multiple uses. A jacket that can fold into its own pocket and can keep the wind from piecing your soul or the water from sucking the heat out of you is a article of clothing i want to have with me. This jacket from Baleaf does all that and additionally has extra waterproof pockets to hold your electronics.

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