Top Tech and Travel Articles of 2018

Top Tech and Travel Articles of 2018


If you know where the year went please let us know. 2018 has passed quickly, and here at Be In we traveled as much as we could in the short amount of time that was 2018. Through our travels we have written some of our favorite articles yet and we dont plan on slowing down. From our new map section to our next endeavor in early 2019, Be In wants to remind you to make 2019 yours. Here is our top travel articles of 2018.

New Map Section


A few weeks ago we introduced a new section to the site where one can find a map detailing cities worth seeing. The map contains pins on cities and the accompanied articles. Our goal for the map section is to help others plan their trip by plotting carefully researched and detailed areas that others may find interesting. The map is an easy way for one to see how far an interesting place might be to their planned destination. For us authors this map section becomes a digital travel journal where we write about our travels across the world. We hope you enjoy this new section.

Iphone tips and tricks on snapping better pictures

The new iPhones (and a few other phones) have a camera that would make even the highest end camera 10 years ago blush. These colossal photographic tools fit sparingly in ones pockets and are never forgotten on a trip. This is why it is important, if you want to better capture these wonderful moments, to learn how to properly and more efficiently utilize these pockets sized cameras. In this article we cover ways to take better and more professional pictures with your smartphone to best capture those once in a lifetime moments on a trip.

Guide to plan a trip

We constantly find first time travelers, and sometimes veteran travelers, make the same mistakes over and over again. A vacation should not make you more stressed or tired when you come back home, nor should you miss out on all the wonderful places the destination has to offer. This is why we created this guide so that people can more efficiently plan their trips.

Crop Factor


A very popular article on the site. This technical article covers how sensor size affects the end image from your camera. Spoiler... for non-professional use it doesnt matter what sensor size you have. For those photographers who enjoy a technical article then this one is for you.

AirPod review

One of the best headphones we have ever used. Paired with the iphone these headphones feel like the future of head mounted audio devices. If you are looking for the best edc headphones then check out our review of the outstanding Apple Airpods.

Boundary Supply Prima System backpack review

Boundary Supply Prima System backpack review

Lago de como: Northern Italy beauty

Lago de como: Northern Italy beauty