Prima System 2.0 review: minor changes to an already great backpack

Prima System 2.0 review: minor changes to an already great backpack


This article will be short. There was not much changed to this already great backpack. Since its fruition and first kickstarter deliveries this backpack has changed so much, but the two models I have, a late 2018 model and a 2.0, are not far apart and differer in only one big way. If you would like to read my review check it out here.

The biggest change I can find, after careful inspection, is the added finish to the Hypalon accents. Im not a materials expert so my guess is the previous Hypalon was uncoated and raw and was stated, in many reviews including mine, to scratch easily. In my update I added that this was not an issue in the long term as the Hypalon wears in instead of wearing out.

The new Hyapolon seems to be pressed with a wax coating. This wax coating is seen on many high end wallets and handbags. This pressed in wax with hatched design not only increases its weather resistance, but is also extremely scratch resistant.


There are two major differences of the bag that have changed. The first is the bag gets a shinnier look at all its Hypalon accents. The second is the bottom of the bag now has a lower coefficient of friction causing the bag to slip easier. Since the bag is not capable of standing on its own, due to the bottom being inclined, the grippy Hypalon of the past helped the bag stay propped up against a wall.

When Boundary Supply says they are selling a Prima System 2.0 I think its more of a summation of all the changes that were made up to this point. An accumulation of small but appreciated design adjustments to a durable backpack. There is still a few minor changes I would love to see in the bag but I would prefer to see those ideas implemented in a complete overhaul and release of a new backpack. Weather it is the 2.0 or the original, the Prima System will continue to be my trusted EDC backpack.


Boundary Supply finally published a list of features that make the prima system 2.0 different from its predecessor. While I still have questions, like when did the 1.0 start since the bag has been changing since the kickstarter and early shipments, I dont think the 2.0 moniker is justified. These changes are small and been incremental. Changes that I would have never noticed even after using the bag for an extended period of time. This is more of a Prima System 1.2 in my opinion. My EDC bag has most of these features but definitely is not the 2.0 because it does not have the new Hypalon. But if this is how Boundary Supply wants to advertise their bag, then so be it. Here is the list straight from their website.


Redesigned shoulder straps and waist-belt to enhance ergonomic contouring with natural body's profile

Upgraded to a softer EVA foam to increase comfort when adventuring with heavy or bulky gear

Increased breathability and softness of the mesh on shoulder harness, for those hot days

Expanded the Verge Case overall feature set, attach the included camera case to the outside of the pack for easy access to photography essentials

Verge case can now be worn as hip-carry pack with the Prima waist-belt connected to the back panel

Extended main compartment zipper 2 inches lower, to increase expandability of the main storage area

Lengthened sternum strap webbing to accommodate a wider range of body types

Increased secure tension-lock straps on bottom of Verge and Prima pack to replace metal hooks

Advanced Hypalon materials to increase scratch resistance and grime build up on bottom resting panel

Reduced overall weight with lighter suspension frame sheet

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